Hamburg DT2/DT3 U-bahn

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Hamburg DT2/DT3 U-bahn

Beitrag von johno68 » Mittwoch 3. Dezember 2014, 12:39

Hi all
Well i am posting a project i am ongoing with .
When visiting my grandmother in Hamburg as a child in the 1970`s, i was in awe when travelling around Hamburg on the DT2/Dt3 u-bahn and got hooked on the DB trains when traveling round rest of Germany .
I have now a large display collection of Roco/Fleischmann from this era as just a momento to my childhood , but one thing was missing and that is the DT2/DT3. Sadly i could not find any to buy,,,,(is there any? and has MiWuLa had them in the past? , so took it on myself to resurrect this bit of Hamburg history

Photo`s show project at present ,lots still to do (seating /figures/lighting) and complete converting the motorised unit,but will post progress,,

posting pic 2.jpg
posting pic.jpg

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Re: Hamburg DT2/DT3 U-bahn

Beitrag von HahNullMuehr » Mittwoch 3. Dezember 2014, 13:22

Hi, Johno68,

welcome to our Forum.

I reckon your layout is in H0-Scale, or is it? The DT looks pretty good, so far.

I just found an announcement, that there shall be some versions of DT2 and DT3 available by end of 2014. Don't know wheter that will come true. Prices vary between € 299,-- per unit (dummy, without engine) up to € 499,--. Have a look here: LINK to "Stadt im Modell".

I think the lack of DT-models was as well some reason for one of our forum colleagues, N-Jörn: He threw himself into the constructive work and had some DT4 printed out in 3D. Have another LOOK.
As you would suspect by his user-name, N-Jörn is doing it in N-scale (1:160).

Enjoy your stay here.
Micha W. Muehr, Rösrath
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Re: Hamburg DT2/DT3 U-bahn

Beitrag von johno68 » Dienstag 17. Februar 2015, 17:50

Thanks for the info Micha , and yes scale is Ho/OO
Well a few more pics of how things are progressing,,slowly but its getting there , station nearly complete then to finish u-bahn