Coordinates for your location

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Coordinates for your location

Beitrag von themapguy43 » Donnerstag 12. Januar 2012, 16:52

Hi i just had a suggestion for your website.
on the Directions page, it shows your coordinates, but when you click the link the address on the left shows a location in Mexico. If you remove the backslash and add a comma in between the latitude and longitude coordinates, it will display your address properly.
53° 32' 38" N / 9° 59' 21" E ---> 53° 32' 38" N , 9° 59' 21" E


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Re: Coordinates for your location

Beitrag von HahNullMuehr » Donnerstag 12. Januar 2012, 21:57

Hi, themapguy43:

Thanks for your hint, but I just tried out, and it worked well. With the slash [/], as well with the comma [,].
May be it's something wrong (or just different) with your system setup?

Other Readers, please try here. Anfahrt / Directions

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Re: Coordinates for your location

Beitrag von HaNull » Donnerstag 12. Januar 2012, 22:05

Hi, Folks,

I tried Google - and both strings worked.
I tried Bing - the string with comma works immediately, the string with the slash leads to a screen that suggest to use a comma instead of the slash and then displays the right place.

There are other map services I haven't tried.
The version with comma works with Bing and Google, so this is the better version.
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