Forum Rules - English Version

For our english-speaking friends.
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Forum Rules - English Version

Beitrag von HahNullMuehr » Montag 21. November 2011, 23:06

Hello, Users,

since I feel, that some basic information should also be available in English I try and translate the threads concerned. Here we go:


Welcome to the Forum of Miniatur Wunderland

Here you can ask questions, participate in discussions, introduce yourself to other members and many things more. Nobody has to hide in here, because she/he doesn’t know a certain thing or is keeping different opinion. No one will be laughed at or be chatted up stupidly. But every now and then some hints may be appropriate to lead the sheep (that’s you, the users) back on the right way.

To avoid you finding such a hint ever in your mailbox or as an answer to one of your posts, here are the hints, collected together. Read them carefully, please, and try to obey them. Then everyone will enjoy the forum quite more, so will you.

First Rule of all is “Treat others in a Way you wanted to be treated yourself.”
According to that you should also read the topic “Please watch for the NETiquette...”

First read and search, then post
If you’ve got problems or questions, check out whether the solution hasn’t been written down before somewhere. You should search the forum for that, because most problems have been asked and were solved by others already.

Please, also read the topics highlighted as “Important (Wichtig)” or “Announcement (Ankündigung)”. They contain important information, which may help you in many cases.

Chose the correct Forum
In case you do not find any helpful answer to your problem, the next step would be to write a new topic. Doing this you should make sure you put it into the right forum, chose a suitable headline and describe your request as precise as possible.

Statements like “it doesn’t work” or “Help!” won’t take us anywhere.

In writing posts (if they are own questions, solutions or any other) you should watch out, that you do not insult somebody or hurt him otherwise. It generally applies to writing posts, that the author himself is always responsible for the contents
Posts with contents referring to pornography, illegal activities or similar will be deleted by the moderators, we keep our right to take legal steps though.

User’s Accounts
Each user is allowed to have but one account, and per account only one user. That means, it is not permitted to register with different user’s names, especially not for pushing one’s own posts or flaming other forum members. As well it is not allowed to hand over the admittance data for your account to a third party.

Someone stepping on Your (or other one’s) Toes?
If you feel insulted or otherwise hurt, please report this via PN to a Moderator or use the “Reporting Link” (Exclamation Mark) beyond the post. We will take care of it and clear things up. Please, stay objectively and don’t get abusive.
Attack isn’t always the best Kind of Defence
If you don’t agree with the question, or generally the way that others are writing, or if you can’t supply any information for solving the problem, then you should better keep off the topic.

Loading Times / Sizes of Avatars, Pictures and Signatures
There isn’t a DSL-Connection in every home or a leased 2-MBit-Line. Please, consider this and take care that your avatar does not exceed the size of 6 kilobyte. Also the pictures you use in a post, should not be uncompressed. If they are, please, only link them and make a note about their size.
Keep an eye on the upload times and store avatars and signatures on sufficiently fast servers only. Linking avatars is not possible.

Watch your signature being not longer than three lines in normal type size. Long signatures make reading posts difficult.
Reduce formatting (BBCode) and Links () to the essentials, please – especiall ... egeln[/i])

[Signature] Stephan
Miniatur Wunderland

So far the Translation of the Thread „Forum-Regeln, German version by Stephan „Webmaster“ Hertz, posted November 13th 2009. Since I’m not a native speaker I would appreciate corrections an improve proposals.

So weit die Übersetzung des Threads „Forum-Regeln“, Deutsche Version von Stephan „Webmaster“ Hertz gepostet am 13.11.2009. Als Nicht-Muttersprachler bitte ich um Korrekturen und Verbesserungsvorschläge.

Regards Grüße
Micha W. Muehr, Rösrath
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