K tracks – rust ?

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K tracks – rust ?

Beitrag von TBS » Sonntag 21. Oktober 2012, 12:21

I am not sure about the amount of meters, kilometers of K tracks which run through Wunderland but it seems to be quite a lot and it would be interesting to know how you did the ballasting on these K tracks? Did you use the widely used technique where the ballast was placed “dry” upon the tracks and then fixated with a “water/ white glue/ drops of dishwater detergent mix”, and if so did you at any time experience any problems with rust. It seems as if there is a mix of different opinions upon this problem, if it is a problem at all. Perhaps you have used a quite different approach ?


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Re: K tracks – rust ?

Beitrag von HahNullMuehr » Sonntag 21. Oktober 2012, 12:54

Hi, TBS,

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The rails of the K-Tracks are stainless, so, if you want them to look rusty you'll have to paint them. :wink:
But underneath the sleepers there is the grid that reaches up in the middle of the sleepers for the center contact. This grid although it is browned tends to rust on its edges in moisture. So I encoutenred it in some attempts to fix the ballast.

I don't know about the ballasting technique in the Wunderland.

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K tracks – rust

Beitrag von Datterich » Sonntag 21. Oktober 2012, 14:41

Hi, there are a lot of miles with tracks in Wunderland Hamburg. Most of them are K tracks - in some segments there are other tracks too. As you can see in older weekly reports [look here], they do it with a system from "Merkur" and then in a second process the traditional way as anyone does it and as you explained it in your first contribution above.

The rust color in Wunderland Hamburg is handmade! For more information have a look at the link and there go a little forward by clicking the link ("Wochenbericht Nr. xx"). Sorry, explanations there are in German language only :?

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Re: K tracks – rust ?

Beitrag von TBS » Sonntag 21. Oktober 2012, 17:55

Thank you for your welcome and reply.
Yes, I am aware that a bit of painting / weathering will be necessary in order to make the tracks look realistic. What I really do not want is to encounter problems running the trains due to rust on the K tracks.

Vielen Dank für das Link zum Wunderland, and btw. I do understand German reasonably well and have no problems reading it, but when it comes to writing I do prefer English. It will take me ages to write in German.
It seems as if the Merkur system is the same as offered by Noch and I have been recommended this by a Danish fellow also using K schinen. I think will have a go at it to see how it will look as it certainly will be a shortcut and of course eliminate any kind of rust. As mentioned on the Wunderland link „Die Gleisbettungen von Merkur werden natürlich noch nachgeschottert!“ I guess in order to make it more realistic.
Once again thank you both for your quick reply.

Grüsse aus Dänemark,