Space Shuttle Scale?

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Space Shuttle Scale?

Beitrag von jeffreyj_dunn » Mittwoch 12. Dezember 2012, 20:52

Many commercial kits of the Space Shuttle are sold as 1:72 scale. Just a query if anyone knows what scale the Miniature Wunderland Shuttle is? Specifically, the launching model. If not in 1:87 scale was it scratch built?

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Re: Space Shuttle Scale?

Beitrag von HahNullMuehr » Mittwoch 12. Dezember 2012, 21:16

Hi, Jeffreyi,

welcome to the forum first. Enjoy your stay.

the Miniatur Wunderland is maintaining a database containing not only all vehicles running around the layout but also all (or up to date most) airplanes.

So have a look at this ENTRY
- Plane Number 33
- Type North American Rockwell (today Boeing)
- Operator NASA
- Identified Space-Shuttle
- First Flight on April 4th 2011
- Length 37,24 cm
- Height 17,25 cm
- Wingspan 23,79 cm
- Lights 3 pieces
- Battery performance 3,6 Volt at 2,8 Ah
-Functions Cockpitlight

NOTE: The North American Rockwell is a Special Airplane, that was made from plastics and laquered by hand. ;0)
Destination: Moon

So far the database. The original Space Shuttle measures exactly 37,24 meters in length, so I would reckon a scale of 1:100, roughly.

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Re: Space Shuttle Scale?

Beitrag von writeln » Mittwoch 12. Dezember 2012, 21:18

Hi Jeffrey,

als far as I know, the launching shuttle "Endeavour" is based on a 1:144 kit by Revell.
The landing shuttle "Atlantis" at the airport is a custommade modell. All planes at the airport are scaled 1:100.

correct me, if I'm wrong... :bummel:
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Re: Space Shuttle Scale?

Beitrag von silberner dreier bmw » Donnerstag 13. Dezember 2012, 15:24

Actually I believe that the Atlantis is the model made by Tamiya: ... =300060402

In this case, 1:100 would be correct.
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